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Rob Nash at HannaLeigh Farm
I started  farming with hydroponics in a commercial greenhouse in 2005. In an effort to produce safe and nutritious food, I began researching how to grow crops using hydroponic methods and still be classified as organic.The idea of using fish waste to feed plants is something I had heard about and decided to give it a try. Tom and Paula Speraneo's media based system provided a low cost model that was easy to build and operate, and yielded incredible results.

Having been a certified pool operator in a past life, water chemistry came easy. With 15 years construction experience, building greenhouses was a welcome challenge. I had also Kept koi ponds for more than 12 years, so fish care was something very familiar. Combining the love for organic gardening, hydroponic growing methods and caring for fish was a natural transition. As of 2012, I've been a commercial scale grower for 7 years, utilizing aquaponics for the last 5.
My goal is to offer training and support to the emerging aquaponic industry, and continue with our commercial efforts of selling fish and produce to neighbors and local restaurants. While transforming our property into a thriving and sustainable homestead, to serve as a model to those who would like to do the same.

Rob Nash

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Romaine Lettuce grown in rafts


Giant Kale


4.2 lb Tilapia