Whether you are a beginner, a backyard hobbyist, a homesteader or a skilled professional wanting to start a career in Aquaponics, this Commercial Aquaponics Training has something to offer. This course will give you the calculation tools, information and know how you will need to support you in whatever Aquaponic endeavor you are interested in for years to come.

***Please make contact with any interest in commercial training dates for 2016***

Intro to Aquaponics workshop

This new compact design requires only half the space as the original layout and can be "stretched" to up to four 60 sft growbeds for a total of 240 sft! The same design can be applied to a smaller or larger system to suit your available grow space.
The cost for this class is $75
family members may join for $25.00 

Visit the Austin Aquaponics Meetup site for details and to RSVP

Austin Aquaponics offers Training and Hands on Workshops.

Commercial Aquaponics Farming  Course



This PDF version of our workshop handout includes

  • drawings
  • parts list
  • step by step instructions
  • material sources
  • start up check list

How-To  E-book in PDF format

$55  or 2 for $100




Systems, Training & Support

How to build the AP-300 Compact

The intro-to-aquaponics training is held in our backyard setting, among our various examples of aquaponic growing systems. we will cover aquaponic basics, system design and function of all sizes, and tour the commercial facility. Visit the Austin Aquaponics Meetup site for details and to RSVP